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Asia-Pacific: rapid growth in fast payments

The Asia-Pacific payments market is sometimes seen as slower than that of the West. Despite this, the region is changing rapidly, with new developments in areas such as mobile payments and workers remittances. Richard Davies discusses how institutions in Asia-Pacific are innovating in high-speed payments.

Interoperability in Asia-Pacific

The global financial crisis that rocked the US and Europe has left banks in Asia-Pacific relatively unscathed. When it comes to transaction banking for corporates, they are now well positioned to battle global players for market share, writes Richard Davies.Strong balance sheets have given leading domestic banks the opportunity to acquire other institutions, achieve scale and invest in new services, and payments are at the heart of these activities.In the past, many of Asias emerging regional banks operated with semi-autonomous, in-country frameworks that primarily serviced local companies. Now, as banks and their customers expand into different markets, regional banks have recognised the need to provide a more unified treasury management solution.