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French banks taking baby steps towards biometrics and mobile payments

French consumers have not yet fully adopted mobile payments, but with a young, tech-savvy generation increasingly demanding safer and simpler authentication, will things change? Jessica Longley speaks to four key French banks to find out how the country is responding to the new technological era

Klarna and Arcadia Group partner to launch Buy Now Pay Later in the UK

European payments unicorn Klarna, is augmenting its e-commerce retail payments profile by partnering with Arcadia Group UK to launch its global Buy Now Pay Later scheme.

Apple, Samsung and Android leading the mobile payment industry

The arrival of mobile wallets from valuable global consumer brands such as Samsung and Apple in the last decade has raised consumer awareness of new payments technology and boosted the overall adoption of mobile payments. Where is the mobile payments industry heading now? Jessica Longley reports

Where is contactless taking us?

Contactless has been around for just over two decades but it has already transformed the payments industry. Adopted globally and expected to grow in the next decade, contactless offers new possibilities and benefits for acquirers, merchants and consumers. Jessica Longley writes

SMEs could be losing out on £8.8bn in sales by only accepting cash

Small businesses in the UK are losing out on more than £8.8bn ($11.4bn) each year by not accepting credit and debit card payments – an 18% increase compared to two years ago.

Standard Chartered to launch video banking to Asia, Africa and the Middle East

Standard Chartered (StanChart),the UK-headquartered bank focused on emerging markets, is to roll out video banking to more than five million clients in nine markets across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

MindLink’s Whatsapp-style corporate messaging service to counteract endless email backlog

Founded in 2011 and described as a “WhatsApp for corporates”, MindLink has launched a new software and user interface to enable real time collaboration of information.

Digital transformation could improve bank-client relationship

A Youbiquity Finance research run by BT and Avaya, found that by focusing on digital transformation, banks could deliver better services and improve customer relationships. Convenient digital services such as video chat could help people better understand financial products and improve trust.

New political landscape of the UK soon to be revealed

Monday proved yet another defeat for the UK as Iceland beat England 2-1 in the, ironically named, Euro 2016. Tweets and Facebook posts mocking the UK’s downwards spiral came pouring in as the country turned into the laughing stock of the world. To add to an already saddening turn of events, a senior Leave MP has stated: “There is no plan. […] Number ten should have had a plan”.

Is Brexit really on the cards?

The weekend does not seem to have offered any new insight as to where and what exactly the UK is heading for. If anything, chaos and uncertainty is more apparent than ever before. All the signs seem to point towards an EU exit but is Brexit really looming?