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Payments Eden in Sweden?

Swedish consumers are prolific payment card users. The average monthly card transaction volume and the average annual spend per card are higher in Sweden than in other mature European markets such as the UK and Germany, although they lag behind Sweden’s Nordic neighbours of Denmark, Norway and Finland

Mobile payments are taking off – a lesson for us all

Mobile payment methods continue to soar in popularity in the UK following the introduction of Apple Pay, Android Pay and Barclay’s Pingit. With the anticipated launch of Samsung Pay in the UK, this is further lessening the country’s dependency on cash. Ralf Ohlhausen, PPRO Group, writes

Finland’s payments market flourishes since the finn-ancial crisis

The global financial crisis hit Finland harder than many, and the country’s recent economic growth has been marginal at best. Despite the struggles, however, payment cards are flourishing as consumer awareness rises and local infrastructure develops. EPI’s analysts look at what makes the market tick

Consumers take a viking to electronic payments in Denmark

The Danish cards and payments industry is very well developed. Its consumers are prolific users of payment cards, and the government has set a target to make the country a completely cashless society by as early as 2030. With contactless payments also emerging quickly, Denmark has become a critical pathfinder for payments

How banks can compete in digital payments environment

The past two years have seen an unprecedented rise in fintechs offering fast and cost-effective payment solutions, and the pool of players continues to grow. Senthil Kumar, group vice president of Oracle’s financial services business unit, looks at what banks can do to succeed in the new digital environment

Lithuania’s payments market ripe for change

With much of its population living in rural areas or smaller towns, a relatively underdeveloped payment infrastructure means Lithuania remains a largely cash-dominated economy. ATM withdrawal values tend to be high, although the government and central bank are taking steps to change local attitudes to cards

Four 2016 trends that will define security and authentication in 2017

Every year sees huge technology improvements and developments, with 2016 primarily defined by new user experiences, the launch of new augmented and virtual reality products, and IoT innovations such as smart cars, bike locks and home apps. myPinPad’s David Poole reviews some of the year’s key security challenges