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How many physical wallets do you use?

David Parker, of Polymath Consulting, considers the amount of payment devices the everyday consumer uses in comparison to physical forms of payment (cash, cards, etc.). Will there come a time when we have more cards on our phone than in our wallet? Will these clash? And how does one stay ahead of the crowd?

Who will win the online checkout war?

So the battle is on, the schemes seem to have woken up to the fact that consumers want an easy checkout experience and whoever gives them that will get their business. In some ways it could be argued everyone has been rather slow to wake up. David Parker looks at the development and pioneers of online checkout

Consumers should have to opt in to have a bed in your hotel room!

Mattresses come automatically, but if you want a bed you have to tick the box. This is an entirely logical scenario if we look at what the Australian parliamentary committee has called for. David Parker writes

The war on cash: Who is winning?

David Parker studies the contactless boom currently happening within the UK. Are contactless cards having as much of a dent into cash’s market share as everyone is expecting? Is this going to continue to happen? In addition, the weird contactless practices in Australia is examined, particularly how it might stifle innovation

How can we expect consumers to understand contactless when we make it so complicated?

Visa and Barclays, amongst many others in the industry, have spent a lot of money reminding us that contactless is the way to pay: it is simple and quick. However, is it simple enough for the consumer? And is change moving too quickly for British customers to keep up with the developments. David Parker writes

The Early Christmas Present from the EU

The EU regulations on interchange, will if it is to be believed, save consumers €6bn a year and will help to boost more innovation and competition in online and mobile payments. David Parker assesses the likely impact of the regulatory changes

Will Acceptance of All Cards Become Equal in the New World of European Interchange?

David Parker comments on the acceptance, or the distinct lack of it, of payment cards across Europe and how there needs to be a standard practice to make payments easier for the traveling consumer. Will digital, mobile and electronic payments be the method that breaks down this grueling and time-consuming hindrance?

Is The Prepaid Value Chain Consolidating?

As recently as five years ago there were few providers in the market who offered more than one element of the prepaid value chain, writes David Parker. Today there are many companies offering two or even all three elements of the value chain, issuer, processor, programme manager.

The Revolution Quietly Happening on the High Street: e-Receipts

Tesco reported last November that it is in talks with the technology company eReceipts to replace its paper till slips with an email alternative. A number of UK retailers are already on the bandwagon offering e-receipts including Monsoon, Aldo, Joy, French Connection, The Fragrance Shop, Accessorize and northern grocer Booths, writes David Parker

Scheme Private Label: The Hidden Cards

At their simplest, private label cards are Visa/MasterCard’s that do not have a badge on the front. There remains huge scope for private label programme growth outside of North America, argues David Parker