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Treasury technology

As external liquidity grows ever more precious in the wake of the economic meltdown, corporate treasurers are looking high and low for ways to squeeze cash flow out of their existing operations.

Persistent paper

The paper cheque – still regarded as a staple of American deposit accounts and a linchpin of the retail banking system – remains remarkably resilient in the face of an ever-increasing array of alternatives. Charles Davis looks at the current state of the cheque and what is being done to speed its demise

Paymo takes micro-payments global

Charging online shopping purchases to mobile phone accounts is not a new concept but it is one that Paymo believes holds huge growth potential Executives from the US-based company now active in 39 countries provided Charles Davis with insight into Paymos strategy to harness market opportunities Up and running in 39 countries Paymo, a micro-payments service aimed at mobile phone users, plans to launch a US service in the next few weeks