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Payments is just a game at Clinkle

It has been called vapourware, a laughing stock, and an instant flop. The mobile payments app Clinkle attracted a huge $25m seed round in 2013 but then went quiet. Billy Bambrough investigates the app based start-up and where it can go from here

MasterCard UK boss jumps ship for RBS – What will she bring to the bank?

The lines between banking and payments are at the same time being blurred and yet becoming wider. Payments may not be something that banks are a part of for long though the RBS poaching of MasterCard UK boss Marion King for its director of payments role indicates the banks are not bowing out yet, writes Billy Bambrough

Tesco trials PowaTag in London store

The in-store mobile payments app PowaTag is being trialled at a London Tesco Metro store for a week beginning 13 October, including two days of promotional giveaways, writes Billy Bambrough

Vodafone seeks to benefit from the TfL cashless push

Vodafone has cleverly used the free cashless marketing push from the Apple Pay and contactless on the London underground role out to give its labouring SmartPass a much needed boost. Billy Bambrough looks into the launch of the NFC payment tech

TransferWise “moves into the mainstream” – Hipsters remain indifferent

No longer happy with appealing just to indie early adopters looking for an alternative to the banks, TransferWise has today announce it is to alienate hipsters everywhere by jumping head first into the mainstream. Billy Bambrough speaks to co-founder Taavet Hinrikus about mobile adoption, European expansion and a potential Facebook deal

Putting Australian payments into overdrive – “good” isn’t good enough for RBA

Almost everyone you talk to in the banking industry is in agreement that when it comes to digital banking and payments Australia is well ahead of the curve. Billy Bambrough speaks to the head of the newly formed Australian Payments Council Christine McLoughlin about what the council hopes to accomplish

Bitcoin is not the enemy – How to regulate bitcoin ATMs?

The ATM Industry Association has decided that it can no longer ignore the rising number of bitcoin ATMs that have been springing up around the world. In a report posted online on the group explains its position on new bitcoin ATMs and argues that “BitCoin” is not a threat to cash, writes Billy Bambrough

Santander is getting serious on bitcoin

Banks are increasingly talking about bitcoin not as a curious anomaly but as a both a concern and potential business opportunity. Billy Bambrough takes a look at the reasons behind Santander’s decision to commission the study

Quick Tap throws in the towel, better late than never

The problem these wallet providers have is not that people don’t want to use them, it’s that they can’t rely on them, writes Billy Bambrough

iContactless: What an NFC enabled iPhone would mean for the industry

With the launch of the latest iPhone just over a week away the Apple rumour mill is putting out stories with the speed of Foxcon assembly line. The almost constant “reports” that the iPhone 6 will support mobile payments are getting hard to ignore, writes Billy Bambrough