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Introducing a new price model to market

Value-based pricing equalises the needs of transaction banks (profit) and clients (effective solution) and is an underused strategic lever in the industry today. Success only occurs if the new price model is understood by clients and the solution adopted. In the third and final article in their series Ben Snowman, Jens Baumgarten and Georg Wübker, offer guidance on how to launch a new value-based price model into market.

Opportunities for revenue growth: Price Implementation

As prices for utility products and services continue to become compressed, the transaction banking industry is poised to change the way it does business In the last part of this report on GTS, Ben Snowman and Jens Baumgarten and Georg Wbker show Value based pricing is an underused method in the industry and represents a strategic opportunity to grow sustainable revenues.

Opportunities for revenue growth in GTS

Ben Snowman, Jens Baumgarten and Georg Wbker continue their series of articles looking at Price compression trends in transaction banking This month, they look at how new pricing models can be designed, and how to ensure they meet clients requirements Price compression is leading to a decline in profits for traditional revenue streams in transaction banking

Combatting GTS revenue compression

In the first of three in-depth reports, Ben Snowman and Jens Baumgarten look at price compression trends in GTS and ask whether there are opportunities to grow revenues through value based pricing