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Tap-and-give: Charities Adopt Contactless

As digitalisation sweeps across each sector, companies are waking up to the fact that they must evolve with the new tide in order to stay competitive and cultivate their future. One industry that has remained largely unchanged for the last decade has unveiled plans as part of its digitisation strategy. Now charities will be able to accept contactless donations on the street and in shops. Alexander Atkins writes

Africa blazes the contactless transport trail

Although Europe has made significant steps in developing contactless payments for public transport, the rest of the world has lagged behind. Another small country is pioneering this technology. Commuters in Kigali will now have access to a card for public transport and Africa is interested. Alexander Atkins reports

Loyalty Programmes: The next mainstream currency?

As we continue to take steps towards a cashless society, most of the focus is on contactless payments and card use. There is one area, however, that has seen rapid growth over the last ten years and is fast becoming a mainstream form of currency: loyalty programmes. Alexander Atkins writes

UK payments regulator appoints new head of policy

The economic regulator for UK payments systems, the Payment Systems Regulator (PSR), has announced the appointment of Paul Smith as its head of policy.

Contactless payments for travel set to go national

With continued devolution in the nation, it would appear to many that the United Kingdom is drifting further apart. However, the UKCA has come up with a new concept that will instead be bringing the differing regional areas more in line: contactless payment acceptance for travel throughout the UK. Alexander Atkins reports