Ethiopian Airlines has started accepting online payment with UnionPay cards to aid ticket purchasing for cardholders on the airlines’ website.

The collaboration will allow UnionPay cardholders, with cards whether issued in China or overseas, to select ‘UnionPay Card’ in the payment options and complete payment using UnionPay online payment after filling in necessary on the airline’s official website.

With this service, UnionPay cardholders can enjoy 5% off currently for booking air tickets on the airline company’s website as well as receive extra mileage of 1,000km until 20 May 2015.

Ethiopian Airlines will provide UnionPay cardholders with more convenient and secure payment services.

The company said that UnionPay Online Payment will employ an internet security framework system of independent intellectual property and meets the online ticket-booking safety requirements on the strength of multi-safety technology guarantee and risk monitoring.

UnionPay International has allowed UnionPay card acceptance by nearly 10 million online merchants outside the Chinese mainland over the recent years.