Singapore-based MC Payment has launched an integrated payment solution for live streaming sellers on Facebook.

Dubbed herohippo, MC’s live selling solution is designed to allow business owners manage online orders, accept and process a range of digital payment methods, and track deliveries.

Many Facebook live sellers rely on the personal messaging or other applications to manage and fulfil orders, leading to higher costs and sometimes, lost sales.

The herohippo solution, which can be integrated to seller’s live streaming events, will enable buyers to search for the product.

It also facilitates secure purchases and payments. Additionally, it allows sellers to monitor their revenues, review their sales performances and manage their marketing plug-in after a live selling event.

MC Payment CEO and executive director Anthony Koh said: “We are very pleased to roll out our herohippo Live Selling Solution on Facebook in Singapore to address the daily pain points of Live Sellers.

“This can help them track orders, manage payments and deliveries, hassle-free. Our herohippo Live Selling Solution offers a panacea for the woes that online social media merchants face, and we look forward to increased take-up rates for this service.”

MC Payment is online-to-offline (O2O) financial services technology that caters to servicing merchants in the retail, transportation and food and beverage industries.

In addition to Singapore, the company currently has presence in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Mobile Credit Payment, its fully own subsidiary, has a major payment institution license in Singapore. It is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore under the Payment Services Act 2019.

In 2017, MC Payment acquired a controlling stake in Genesis Payment Solutions, which is licensed by Alipay to acquire merchants on its behalf.