Zelle, a digital payments network operated by Early Warning , has selected ACI Worldwide as a technology partner to powers Zelle Network’s real-time, digital, secure P2P payments.

As a technology partner, ACI will provide integration for financial institutions  to connect to Zelle, a new payment service backed by more than 30 US banks.

ACI enables financial institutions to quickly set up real-time payments and expand its reach by connecting the payment networks from a single hub.

ACI said that its support for Zelle will lead to banks being able to hasten speed to market, slash risk and develop new revenue streams.

Early Warning vice president of market strategy Ian Macallister said: “Through our collaboration, we will be able to assist FIs in offering a fast, easy and safe way for consumers to experience real-time money movement, which is critical to Zelle’s ubiquity.”

ACI Worldwide vice president WA Proctor added: “Zelle is increasing P2P payments adoption by creating a common payments experience for consumers—regardless of which bank they use. As more consumers engage in real-time payments through Zelle’s payment experience, it will undoubtedly influence the widespread consumer and business adoption of real-time payments.”